Friday, April 29, 2016

School Graduation is here!

My younger sister graduated her Elementary days weeks ago and I can't imagine how time flies. She is a very talented and smart little sister of mine. She loves to make some jokes when had the chance to talk to her when I do some long distance call to my mom. She is very responsible indeed at her young age. Soon this summer she will start her Grade 7 and we decided her to go into private school. So wishing all the best of her education journey. 

Anyway, my younger sis told me that during her graduation day they had a very good sounds system and a good compact boss oc-2 and it's gives loud and clear sounds during the school program. That was awesome because if I remember right during my graduation before long time ago we don't have any good sounds system. But for now that have it...nice indeed!

Who is who!

Watching Norwegian Idol is good. It's all about music. Me and my husband has different idol. We're cheering each of our favorite contestant and so far both of them are still in top.7 and will see who will be out for tonight. I've noticed that we both like following Idol every year. Since I came here in Norway, I love watching that program too and that's only once a year. Here down is the picture of our Idols. They are both young and very talented individual. 

Best luck girls!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Is winter ove and spring starts?

Well, as my title says it all! I cannot imagine if the temperature will turn back to really winter days. I think winter is over, hopefully yes. Anyway, I am having a bit cold for almost 3 days now due to temperature change. In the morning the cold winter day is still in but in the afternoon the temperature shoot really warm. So not easy to choose what to wear for this kind of weather. But I'm hoping the winter is over and time to say hello to spring time. 

It's been a while since I'm on net also and while having a chance today, a friend of mine show me a page on Facebook that giving a lot of tips when it comes to winter and spring time. Cozy Winters Reviews is where you can read information about winter and get some discounts about winter and spring items. Indeed a very useful page. Loving all the posts there and got some ideas indeed!
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