Friday, December 12, 2014

Play with me!

I love watching a person who can play guitar. I have been wishing to play guitar but still did not start doing it because of heavy loads this year. I do really hope that I can find time by next year. My interest of learning that guitar instrument still in the highest level. So hope that will be materialized soon so that I can buy this taylor guitar , that I see online today. Looks so cool and fits for my taste so well. 

So hope for the best, hope to find time and can make this as my newest hobby for the year 2015.  There are so many ways to learn actually, you can see in youtube or ask some friends around who can teach basic string as you started. So is there's a way there's a will as the saying goes that way.

It's my Uncle's Birthday!

Today is the day that my dear uncle will celebrate his birthday. I am very much thankful that he is one of my dearest uncle who means a lot to me ever since. He is the one who sent me to college school and finance everything, he is the one who find job for me during the time after my graduation and he is the one who assists me when I need advise and etc... for short he is the best uncle ever.

I wish him the best of everything, wish I could send a little gift for him as I always do every year. My wish for you is good health and a happy family. Happy Natal Day Uncle Lits.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Could be an early Christmas presents!

Christmas is now fast approaching and most individual now are busy preparing gifts or presents to their families and friends around the globe. Budget must check and things to buy must be check as well. In my case, I usually just give small amount of money to my family in Philippines rather than sending them small things from here. It cost a lot to send package and it will takes weeks before they can have it! So the smartest way to do is to send money and then they can just choose and buy the stuff that they want for themselves this Christmas. Well, that is for family matters. 

For lovers and couples who loves to show more love and care to their partner, of course you can find more exciting and memorable stuff for your partner. Like for example you can buy a promise rings from here . To give a a promise ring is one of the most gift that a woman will treasure forever. If someone will give you a promise ring it will surely means a world to you, right? I cannot imagine if I myself can get one, what could be my reaction then? Well, for sure happiness and joy can't be explained. Well, there are more lots of stuff to give, not only those promise ring but a lot more. You can just check around and check if it's fits on your budget too!
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