Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I want to have Yamaha!

Back when I was single, I love to play instrument! One of my wish is to have a piano and that was only a dream and it never come to an end of having it! But wait! I bought a piano be like but it was just for kids but it works if you are just a beginner. You can play simple notes but not really a good one. But I was satisfied then. Well, dreaming is free so I am still having that dream until now and specially seeing this yamaha p95 online. Makes myself really wanting to have one. But will see! I have to learn first on how to use and other techniques that needed! This one really looks cool and perfect!

Loving her new abode!

Two days ago, was chi-chatting with my co-worker before years ago. She told me that she just bought a new house! I was amazed knowing that the house pricing now is too high! She told me that her dream is to have her own condo unit. A small one but she can call her own. She is still single by the way, she is now planning to settle down after her condo project! She showed to me pictures of her house and now she's busy checking online about home decors and other stuffs for home use. I am excited to see after she's done on her home decoration. Pretty sure that will be amazing! 

My congratulations to you friend! You have now your place that you call yours!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Music in town!

A friend of mine will be going to watch a concert this weekend to the city. She and her husband are both music lover and she is looking forward for this event. As a music lover I know that this is important for them to find time and watch the show. She told me once that music for them is giving more colors in their relationship and her husband loves it much. 

They watch concerts and shows around, no matter what! They have kids but still manage to do it, amazing indeed! I told my friend that since both of them are music fanatic, why not try checking more music instrument online and maybe her husband can find interesting stuff in this site. You can also guys check on it at musiciansfriend.com fender jazz bass if you need one, or if you are just doing some stalks online about music.
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