Saturday, September 24, 2016

Listening to the whole music instrument !

Last night, I saw on TV that Justin Beiber is here in Norway again for a concert. I was a bit skeptical about him specially of what had happened when he was here in Norway before. So then, now he is back here and it's all over 46,000 of young and adults are into his concert. I am not one of those. I can maybe watch on TV if there is a coverage and sure that concert will be a successful one and pretty sure that it will be composed of all the instrument that is needed in the concert. And the woodwind and brasswind can surely be heard. So well, best luck for that concert hope that will be no more joke like before.

Bunch of blog hopping maybe!

I ma planning to go back in blog hopping again after months of not having that errands. I was before so active about this blogging but now I am too lazy enough for blog hopping. But I ma trying now my best to keep my blogs posted and updated. This is not an easy task for a blogger but I can maybe do this little by little. Before I used to sit on computer the whole day just to do the hopping. So, I can do this again in normal way. 

I am trying to contact some of my online bloggers too for new updates about blogging too. Writing and reading online is a passion so will do it again maybe! Hope intensely!

Here's my two babies!

I forgot to put on pictures here with my new two babies. They are my ukelele. I am of course checking out the best of it. I will try to play from a super basic notes until I can memorize them correctly. These two are both ukelele for beginners so this is suitable for me. Notes from online is the one who helps me through this project of mine. I may not have so much time to check on but I am trying.

By the way, the black one is bought here in Norway while the brown one is bought in Philippines. In the guitar store we found out a lot of different guitars too that are interesting. My husband is a guitar player so he has more ideas about this. We saw this very nice guitar aztec gold and it looks so nice and interesting. Am pretty sure that this is perfect for those who are expert in playing guitar.
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