Thursday, March 19, 2015

Singing along with the radio!

I was singing together with the radio today while cooking. It was a good timing that they have good songs played. I sing out load since I was just alone here. It was good to sing though I am not a good singer and I am having cold too. Well, no dangerous nobody hears except me alone. Well, I love to sing specially in Karaoke. I hope we can install our karaoke set soon. We have one here but did not able to set it up yet. Hopefully soon.

Anyway, I am in a hurry to take a nap now too as I am heading for a night shift. Hope to find a good nap before working. By the way, before that I stumble at Musicians friend and trying to explore stuffs for music and as usual I want to have my very own guitar. Hmmm... have many wish in mind! Will see if I can have one soon.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Fatip for him!

My partner used to shaves almost every day and that is very good of him. Nice and neat looking one. He usually use that electric razor shaves and I am pretty sure he is satisfied with that one. But for a change I am checking out this fatip at, this one sounds interesting. I can check more on this and will maybe have one for him. It is good to change stuff once in a while. To check which one is giving the best results. 

So for you who needs one then try out that fatip too!

International Womens Day!

Today is our day! Today is women's day which reminds that power of us women. Some of my friends celebrates this day together with their girl friends around. I was with my friend too today, but we did not mention this day as womens day. We just had fun eating lunch with one of our favorite food.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! I have to hit the sack soon as I am working day shift this week and need to wake up as early as six in the morning.
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