Friday, April 24, 2015

A bracelet for a therapy

Have you read about having a bracelet for a therapy purposes? Well, I have read this before in an article and a friend of mine told me once about that one too! I thought that it was just a joke or a hoax but today I read another article about this magnetic bracelets for therapy. And I quote: this really maybe works. Who knows, there is no harm in trying and this is not a medicine at all, this is a magnetic bracelet that looks so nice and simple.
The pearls has its meaning. Like for example if you will choose the one that shown above. That bracelet is called Best Magnetic Bracelet - Garnet and Jade Double. And the Garnet is meant to strengthening your physical and emotional bodies. It also brings energy and light into the lower chakras. Plus it brings prosperity and attracts profound love and it strengthens heart, liver, kidneys and thyroid.

Hmmm...sounds so interesting right. I could think of having one like this. The cost is very affordable too!

Finally Friday!

Finally it's Friday! Loving weekends as I can have rest from daily work. It is a bit annoying to wake up very early in the morning and begin to prepare for the day but that is normally usual for people who is working. In my case, I have three shift at work, so it is not easy to adjust from week to week. But still thankful that I have work knowing that a lot of individuals are looking for a job nowadays.

Well, as of today had a lot of mix emotions while reading in my timeline in Facebook. One highlight is about my sister who finally finish her Masteral degree in Business Administration. I am so lucky to be her big sister. She really is a fighter and wants to achieve her goal by her own effort and support.

Tomorrow is her graduation rights and my younger brother and younger sister will accompany her. My mom, choose not to attend by some reasons. My mom always think that it will cost more financially if she will attend. She said, she will rather give that amount to the one who will graduate. Her thought is of course always to her children.

So tomorrow I am wishing my sister the best luck and let her know that I am a happy big sister of her. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Singing along with the radio!

I was singing together with the radio today while cooking. It was a good timing that they have good songs played. I sing out load since I was just alone here. It was good to sing though I am not a good singer and I am having cold too. Well, no dangerous nobody hears except me alone. Well, I love to sing specially in Karaoke. I hope we can install our karaoke set soon. We have one here but did not able to set it up yet. Hopefully soon.

Anyway, I am in a hurry to take a nap now too as I am heading for a night shift. Hope to find a good nap before working. By the way, before that I stumble at Musicians friend and trying to explore stuffs for music and as usual I want to have my very own guitar. Hmmm... have many wish in mind! Will see if I can have one soon.
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