Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wanna have some!

Since our travel is approaching, I am busy checking out presents to my family in Philippines. It is good to give little love of small things from here in Europe. As of now, I have accumulated some stuffs but not enough yet. I am now checking more at www.joyjewelers.com/. I still have time to order online and will just wait for delivery. This is the easiest way to handle shopping when you are busy. 

So hope to find enough presents for my family and friends. I just want to bring some light stuff as it is easy for travel. So hope for some things and thangs for them.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

House Renovation!

My parents are both busy, they are now almost in their three months of having carpenters at home. My mom told me that it is not easy to do repairs and little renovation at home. I can imagine how hard it is. My mom is the one who is in-charge for budgeting and getting out all things done every day. Her time really is not enough in all the errands that needs to be finish in a day. 

Glad that my sister and her husbands helps my mom in buying materials that needed in the renovation. And almost every day I make sure to call my mom and ask for the updates. My sisters and brothers help with financial and I do a little contribution too. 

So far, I am happy with the results of all their efforts and interest to make our home a home sweet home. We are just a very simple family who wants a simple way of living. My sisters that are working are happy as well my brothers. A house that we can call our own. 

As of now, I got some pictures but it is not yet totally done! I love the progress and hoping that soon everything will be done as my mom is complaining with having carpenters all day long. 

Here is the picture of our new bathroom. It is not totally done, I am excited to have another set of pictures soon with complete accessories, etc. 

Just home!

A day with no trains at all! I had a plan to go to the city and roam around alone! Hay life, if situation becomes over loaded then it will really be loaded. I had plan to buy the jeans that I am really wanting but in this time I cannot. Maybe I can visit there next week or so. Instead, I went to the nearest mall here and roam around and thinking a lot of things that drive my head down very heavy and feel weak. Anyway, I cannot complain this is what I called LIFE. 

Anyway, enjoy your Saturday friends. I am around checking out my sites. It's been long time since my last update and my blogs really needs update but due to heavy schedules both online and offline I did not have enough time to do postings.
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