Sunday, September 13, 2015


Yes , finally I found this on net today pioneer hdj 1000. I was in the mall yesterday and was in store that sells headphones and ask the same item but they don't have it there. So, I was hoping that I will bump into the design that I want and YES this is it! The reason why I am looking this one is for my work. It's time for me now to use headphone while working. Most of my work mates have their own and listening to music while working is not a bad a idea. So, I hope to check more on this and will but at once. And wait some items are on sale today too... so surely will have one!

What to do with my small lot!

Well, a month ago my sister asked me on what to do with my small lot in Manila. I actually wanted to build a house on that lot since that lot is empty for six years now. Some of my relatives and my old co-workers want to buy that lot but I said NO. I want to build a little house there and as it is a remembrance investment when I was working.

But checking on the money value now is so little. So I decided not to start building on. I will wait a bit until the currency will go up a bit and will see what will happen then. My neighbor already had their house built long time ago. So I hope I can start little by little too!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Decorating his abode!

My brother who is next to me is now soon having a blast with his new home. He and his wife are both exciting for the finishing of their home. As his sister I am happy enough that the couple invested a house that located near to our parents. It took them two to three years before they see that soon their effort will be paid by having a nice and simple home! 

Surely next to that is to decorate inside. They need furniture and other stuff that a new house needs. Just for tonight I saw some good tips and ideas at , there I found out that there are lots of smart cabinets that can be use for those who have small house or big one. It depends on your needs! I love most products they have online. I hope I can refer this to my sister in-law and that she can have an idea for those easy and elegant cabinets that are very useful in many things.
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