Saturday, April 10, 2010

WINDOWS 7, XP , VISTA (Which is Which)

What do you prefer for an O.S? I myself prefer Xp but new computer now has already windows 7 ready. Xp for me is very friendly and I never encounter any problem with the accessories and programs.

For Vista, that was worst experience to have Vista O.S , it is so hard for me. Folders are not friendly and you will just get shock because sometimes you cannot notice that your folder is transferred to another folder name. So, you will be getting carzy finding your files. Aside from that Vista is a bit complicated for me. I dont know with others.

For Windows 7, so far so good I still did not explore much. I just started using windows 7 premium edition weeks ago. I still need to explore more but it seems fine with me. Hopefully this will work good as computer is annoying for me now.
Anyway, hope to hear from your experience folks. My pleasure to know which is which is better!

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