Monday, May 31, 2010

Embarrassing Moment

Finally, got to update here! A bit busy folks. Anyway, as early as three months of stay here in Norway I already have so much of embarassing moment with me. Sometimes, I think of maybe I dont belong to the society with-in my sorroundings. But, I need to learn more and equipped myself in many ways.

Folks, if you are going to another country it is really hard to adjust. People, culture, weather and all. Make sure you are ready in both negative and possitive outcome. Most of the time negative because you are just very new. Like me, I feel so much of negative things but I know this is just normal.

Anyway, embarrasing moment is not only for those who go abroad but for all individual. Will just follow up more info here so soon folks!

My pc is still not working good, so will get back to you very soon!

1 comment:

charmie said...

Embarrassing yes, have a lot in here, specially the language is so foreign to me.. Take it easy, soon,you'll learn .. :)