Monday, May 3, 2010

Floor Lamps For Your Choice

How do you choose your floor lamps? There are so much of different looks and energy saving lamps that you can choose from. Check out my research below. They are very nice and a good idea for those who wants to have one.

I guess this one looks so elegant. Cute , the style is very fine and nice decoration at home. This Paradiso is the Finest European inspired lighting fixtures , Gives an exotic sense of natural wonderment , Inspired by the Amazon Jungle of South America ,
Vivid colors of hand formed glass flowers , Texture through the solid cast bronze frame , Bronze frame is finished in a genuine Silver Leaf finish and resembles a group of vines dangling from the canopies of the forest

I like this one too, very unique. A horse lamb.. hahah!

If you want a dragon style, you can check this one. Looks a bit different!

This one is really suitable for those who have wide sofa area. The design is so simple yet elegant. This is called the Arco Floor Lamp was designed by Achille Castiglioni in 1962 and modelled on a streetlight to project the light source eight feet from its heavy marble base. The large arc of the stem extends to the flower-like shade at one end and the marble base at the other, balancing the whole piece perfectly. It was originally designed to illuminate a dining table but it is suited to a range of uses around the home. The Arco floor lamp has become an iconic silhouette that is both extremely elegant as you can see here.

This kind of lamp can be just put into a corner and it will give light to the whole area. Very nice.

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