Sunday, May 16, 2010

Is taking a bath at night have a bad effect to your health?

I am wondering if this saying is true. I myself use to bath every night. Most specially now that I am not working. I take a bath at night not in day at all. Before when use to work in an office, I do it every morning but now that I am staying at home not at all.

Anyway, I searched online some comments and feedback from others. Read and you will learn some tips.

1.) Taking a bath everynight have a great effect on your health because you are allowing your mind and body wind down sufficiently from the day.

2.) It relaxes the tired body makes u feel fresher…

3.) If it is too late at nite, it might be dangerous. u may b having pneumonia. if u so need to have a bath b4 u sleep, try to have a warm bath or just wipe ur body using hot towel.

4.) No, unless you fall asleep in the tub!

5.)There is no scientific evidence proving that taking a bath at night is bad. In fact it is relaxing to take a bath at night after a long busy day.

6.)Exposing your body to cold, may make your esteem down and cause you to have low immune. And in special cases, washing your eyes also at night was told to cause blindness as well.

Well, these are just some of my research, but hope bathing at night is not bad because I do so. Lol.


burn said...

Me either, I also take a bath at night if I just stay at home.

Nice post my friend.

shydub said...

Na sa atong karaan ug katiguwangan taking a bath at night makabuta ug dili healthy waaaaa.