Monday, May 10, 2010

Maintaining A Site

Can you imagine how other bloggers managed their multiple sites? The key is motivation! Sometimes we intend to love making differnt sites but we are out of time or out of ideas what to post and what to share with our readers.

I myself so far has 7 sites and sometimes it is hard for me to maintain and have regular post in each site. But if I promise myself to be motivated I can still do updates so far and sometimes it will exceed for more postings. But sometimes I am enpty. Run out of ideas , I need deep research and dig more information to share.

Blogging is really fun and aside from relaxing, you can earn money and that is the most interesting thing in the world on online job. Financial is the first thing concern. Right? I admit that first time I do online jobs I feel quiting and I feel it is nonsense to just write and write. But I realized that it is worth to offer your time and make the most of it to be productive.

Well, if you manage many webpage too , we all must have motivation! Let us spread pur wings to explore and discover more and more.
Have a nice day everyone!

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