Saturday, June 12, 2010

House Cleaning Tips | Home Cleaning Tips

What can you say about your home set-up? Is it messy or in troubled. Lol. I found out that there are so much of tips for cleaning if you want too! Like me, I am a bit lazy of cleaning but I still need to find ways to share!

Here are what I found:
Kitchen is where the messes of all the messes! A place where you need more attention and more time to clean on!
1.)Gather all the cleaning supplies you think you will need for cleaning your kitchen and make sure to use hand gloves for protection.
2.)Use mild or try using natural kitchen products for cleaning.

I will share my own way of cleaning tips. I prepared a pale and scrub clothes or brush. But it is easier to use spray liquid. Then, tried to clean first the sink area, next the bathtub shower area and the bowl. Last is the floor area and then the trash bin.

I usually scheduled my bathroom cleaning end of weekdays like friday. Anyway, I know each of us has different ways of cleaning our own mess. So, if you are comfortabke of what you are doing so let it be!

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charmie said...

mao ni ang importante sa ako sis.. kitchen and bathroom jud..