Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gifts for Someone Having A New Home

I remember as the saying goes that if you will go and visit for a new home for your friend or relative you must bring something for the home owner. It is a good idea to know what is best thing to bring when you come. I did a research on it for my readers and followers. Thankful to for the nice and perfect answer for my searching.

Here you go , you can check which one you prefer. I also put on sample photos for complete ideas for your choice. Enjoy and hope you will find best gifts.

1.) Fresh Plants : A new home, even before the furniture is arranged and the drapes are up, looks more welcoming with a live, flowering plant. Plants are better than fresh cut flowers, as they live longer and don't need as much maintenance.

2.)A Wreath for the Door : Choose a wreath for the season, for a holiday, or just in colors that will look pretty on the house. If you get one that will last through the years, include a wreath storage box, too.

3.)A Gift of Food : There's so much work involved in moving and setting up housekeeping, that anyone will welcome a casserole or full dinner to enjoy as a break from all the work. Something that will go into a microwave and onto paper plates (why not include them, along with plastic silverware?) will make the meal a breeze.

4.)A Bottle of Bubbly and Flutes : Walk in the door with glasses and a cold drink, sit down, and visit a while. If you have the glasses engraved with the date, the flutes will be a memento of the first days in the new home. Everyone working to get things moved in will enjoy the thought and the drink.

5.)Decorative Scented Candles : Choose a color, choose a scent, and present a gift that will add comfort and a soothing atmosphere to an otherwise chaotic atmosphere. There's nothing like dimming the lights on a mess, lighting candles, and enjoying at least the illusion of order.

6.) A Dramatic Vase or Serving Bowl : One special piece can leave memories for every years to come. Choose a piece of crystal or silver for a formal home or interesting glass, porcelain, or pottery for a more casual setting.

7.) A Gift Basket : For a new home, it's great to receive things all together for a particular job. Here are some ideas for gift baskets for a new home.

8.) A Basket of Tools : Who can find the right screw drive or pliers when everything is packed away? Gather together the basics for the move-in.

9.) A Garden Basket : How many times have you looked around and wished you'd planted a small garden or apple tree or flowering bush when you moved into your home, rather than 5 years later? A basket with basic gardening tools, a pot, a plant, dirt, and fertilizer will be the start of a garden that will be enjoyed the whole time your friends live there.

10.) Art in Progress : You can never have enough picture hooks and hanging wire when you move into a new home. A small basket is perfect for this gift. Include a small level and photo frame, take a picture as you arrive, and present the photo for the frame, via e-mail, when you get home.

11.) Paint Supplies : It's great to have fresh supplies for a fresh paint job at a new home. Include a roll of painter's tape, a plastic or canvas drop cloth, a can of spackle, a spackle blade, roller and handle, and a good paint brush. For fun, include a few paint chips, a decorating magazine and a reminder of the URL for this site where they can find ideas.

12.) A Pair of Candlesticks : Perfect for a mantel, a dresser top, an entry table, or coffee table, choose glass, pewter, brass, or silver candlesticks for the new home.

13.) A Picture Frame : For a casual home, choose wood, pewter, bamboo, or glass. For a more formal setting look for crystal or silver. Everyone has room for one more picture.

Did you find any interesting gifts? Hope so...


AC said...

aww!!! ako lahat yan gusto ko matanggap kung magkakaron na ako ng aking sariling bahay... hehehe...

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