Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Changing Outdoor Lighting

Today hubby tried to change some bulbs outside and I guess he just finished one and he needs to do some more errands for the day. I was watching him while changing and he also cleaned the bulb shelves... it filled up of some unwanted dead insects inside.

Anyway, have you done changing yours too? If not I found out easy steps on how to change it safely.

Things that you need:
New Bulb , ladder and a Rag.

1.) Turn the light off at the wall switch to ensure that the bulb is cool enough to remove.

2.)Unscrew a finial, if applicable, on top of the lamp's cover. Locate any screws that are holding a glass cover or hurricane to the fixture and turn counterclockwise to loosen and remove.

3.)Clean the interior of the lamp's glass cover with the rag while it is off the lamp. Place the lamp's cover and the screws in a secure location while you change the bulb.

4.)Unscrew the old bulb with the rag; replace with a new bulb.

5.)Place the cover back on the fixture and tighten the holding screws to fasten and hold it in place. Replace the finial if one was removed and screw it back in place.

Credits to ehow.com for providing this useful tips for all.

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