Friday, September 24, 2010

I Need A New Rain Coat!!!

Today , I am totally wet by the heavy rain. From school going back home my shoes was totally wet. I hope I will not get sick knowing that I already have cough. I dropped into the mall for a while to check out and planning to buy rain coat or boots but I did not find anything.

I found boots but no available size for me. For rain coat I did not find my favorite color. So, I decided to go home with my umbrella. But not enough , so arrived home super wet clothes.
So, I must have to wear proper shoes next time but I don't have rain coat yet. Hope I can find next week in the mall.

According to wiki: A raincoat is a waterproof or water-resistant coat worn to protect the body from rain. The term rain jacket is sometimes used to refer to raincoats that are waist length. A rain jacket may be combined with a pair of rain pants to make a rain suit.

Modern raincoats are often constructed of breathable, waterproof fabrics such as Gore-Tex and coated nylons. These fabrics allow some air to pass through, allowing the garment to 'breathe' so that sweat vapour can escape.

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