Saturday, October 16, 2010

Get Rid Of Blackheads Immediately

One of my major problem before is the freaking blackheads on nose. It is really annoying folks. I know not only but for many. I tried visiting in dermatologist before many times just hoping to get rid of it but still not. It is just amazing now it suddenly gone. Maybe because of the climate. Here in Norway it is cold not like when I was in Philippines very humid. I just noticed it recently, maybe I still have some but not really much. Before it is so visible and I want always to face on the mirror and try pressing on it. Just luckily now I do not need to do that, but my pimples are still acting on and off.

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Shydub said...

aguy ang black head mura tagbalay nani sa akong ilog hehehe. ganahan ko sa design diri tsang ky limpyo galing lang nadaut sa spacing ky dili sentro