Friday, October 8, 2010

Wishing To Have Another Mobile

Last week my Sony Ericson phone gives up! I did not know why and what happened. I just noticed that if I inserted the charger and it is charging but if I removed the charger it will shut down automatically. I worried because i do not have any phone except that one. So, the next morning after my class I went to the store and return it to them because it is still under warranty. They let me borrowed another phone. So until now, my phone is still in repair center.

Now, everytime I dropped by in a mall I saw different cell phones, in different phone model and brands. I am thinking to buy a new unit but I must need to wait the result for my old phone. I also saw my sisters mobile last day when we chatted and she has a touch phone mobile now, very nice! How I wish I can have IPhone. LOL!

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