Friday, January 7, 2011

Get Well Soon Cutie!

I have a cute super nice kid at work. She is sick today, but before that I read book to her and I noticed that she is so silent and she just requested me to read and read. She is not the usual cute little kid who is usually noisy. Then when I saw her she is totally almost fell asleep on my lap , so I asked her is she is tired and she said.. NO.. I asked her if she wants to sleep at the sleeping room where others are having nap and she said she wanted. So, I carry her there and other watch them there.

After an hour my other collegues said that she is sick. I am so sad. Actually the kid called my name and said 'Anne , you know I am sick'. I touched her and she has a fever. Poor little one. Hope she will get well soon. Truly she is so adorable.

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