Saturday, February 12, 2011

Before And After!

I remember before with my first TV. I bought it when I got my first ever salary at work. It was a second hand and black and white. Sounds funny but I truly meant it. I want to have TV and for my parents too. So then I remember that there was only one channel that we could watched before, just because we don't have the antenna. So it was 3 years that we just have to sit and watch same channel everyday. But my parents was so glad by then. Until now my old TV is still at home , I don't want to give or sell it to others. It serves as my memorabilia!

But now, we have new TV , colored and have digital antenna. I can say, the world is getting more and more high-tech. There are so many digital tv antennas that you can buy wherever you want in the most affordable price.

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