Thursday, February 3, 2011

Her Second Home Sweet Home

Time to celebrate! Glad that my old officemates got her own condo. This is her new 2nd unit. She is so blessed indeed! She just told me so that she is looking for plantation shutters for her condo unit. She loves to design and make her own style. Her other condo were also so nice. I've been there many times when I was still in P.I.

She had made a blessing for this new unit of her last two months ago. So now she is currently living there and her old condo for her siblings. Looking forward for new photos ate. Great home sweet home!

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Cacai M. said...

wow.. nice la.. abi nko ikaw oi.. agi ko dre la.. sorry krn lang ko kasuroy saonz nasakit mn jud ko la, as in lubog sa bed ky "takig" , headache, eyes, ears, nose and all my body aches for about one week. Huhuh.. am glad am a bit fine now.. though am still nauseous and don't like to eat. By the way, am preggy la.. just announcing 'coz am happy.. heheh.. muahhhh!