Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Saturday Gig!

I am a certified computer addict! Computer changed my life totally in so many ways! Yesterday, I was able to go in Oslo city and meet my cousin there for some important matters. Luckily, one of my filipina friend is there too so we also met there! It was not so easy for me to go there but I need to! We roam around the malls and walking outside a bit to have sight seeing but did not last long because of the cold temperature. So, we stayed most of the time inside the mall and visiting all boutiques. My cousin look for computers because she need to buy laptop before she will go back home next week to P.I. So will buy her own laptop and a laptop for her hubby! So, it was a tiring but happy bonding day with friends around Oslo.

I took pictures but maybe have to download it later today!

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Lulu said...

bonding bonding sa oslo, fun fun fun