Friday, February 18, 2011

Out Of Focus!

Yesterday my teacher noticed that I am out of concentration. She said she feels like I am out of focused this time. *Hmmm* My teacher is a fortune teller. She know's what is in my mind? Well, this time we are re-shuffled! I belong to other group and they are all new to me. I don't want to mingled immediately so most of the time I am so silent. Maybe thinking on blogs? LOL! Not at all folks. Just that I am kind of person who needs to be approach first. I am shy and don't want to be embarrassed!

Well, my teacher knows me well so she felt it! Aside from that sometimes I am not in the mood also and I am sitting in the first row. So obvious! Anyway, will see in the next days. I also hope that I could understand more and more each and every lesson.

For today happy friday everyone!

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