Friday, March 25, 2011

Carpet Cleaner That Truly Fits At Home!

Just home from work and job! I am a bit stress with the bus today, it came so early so I need to run! It usually arrived late at the bus station so I am confident that I can reach but it came so early! Thanks anyway, the driver went me. He saw me by side mirror that I am running so fast. Thanks GOD for the safety it was so slippery in the road.

When got home, I got a buzz from a friend who won a carpet cleaner by some contest online. She is happy telling me about the product and it is really a coincidence because she needed carpet cleaner so badly. Their old one is not working anymore. So , I am happy for her also.

Now, she is waiting for it! Shipping on the process. She told me that the one that she got is almost the same as what she found at So, I am also curious so I checked it online. Indeed , I was surprise it is too cute and for sure lasting.

It stated there that : It is compact and easy to maneuver , simple to operate , cleans and restores pile on most fabric (test small area first). So what a good blessings for her. This is also a good idea for me and for all if you need carpet cleaner. Carpet must be clean every now and then to keep it clean!

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