Thursday, March 24, 2011

First Ever Theater Play!

Funny at school today! Next week we will have culture fest. Our room will present lot of entertainment for everyone! We will have theater play, singing, dancing and more! I hope for best because I will play a role as a mom. Aside from that , we will not speak English. We will use Norsk language of course.

So today , we decided to have a little recap and need to use projector so that everyone can see and read the dialog but our projector did not work. They try fixing it but did not work at all. Until they found out that the bulb is not working. So hope next week we can use it! Anyway, I tried checking online for projector bulbs also. I do not have any idea how much it cost and how it looks like. So good that has it! I already bookmarked this page before. Easy for me to check for updates!

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