Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Advantage of Using Paper and Plastic cups

Got a wedding or birthday coming up? Made a list of things to do? Got the guest list and seating plans? Sorted out the menus? Chances are you have all this sorted. What probably hasn't crossed your mind is the type of drink receptacles you wish to use. Now if you are hosting a posh, extravagant, boutique style wedding, you are likely to want to appear as high class as possible and you will likely be expecting to use glasses to contain the plonk. While glasses are the generally accepted standard for high-end events, they do have their downsides. The obvious one is breakage. Let's honest wedding receptions are dressed up as a ceremony to help toast the happy couple and usher them into a life of happiness, but really, it's just an excuse to get drunk.

With this in mind, is glassware like crystal wine glasses really your best bet? Sure, they look stunning, especially when arranged in a pyramid formation, flowing with champagne, but what happens when the token drunk uncle stumbles sideways across the marquee after giving his speech, into this opulent display? Disaster. That's what, especially if you've paid a hefty deposit on all those glasses. So what's the solution? Well have you ever considered paper cups? Ok hear me out. I know they're not as glamorous as their glass cousins, but they are incredibly practical and cheap.

Why run the risk of smashing hundreds of beautiful expensive glasses when you could buy in thousands of plastic of paper cups at the fraction of the cost and have one less thing to worry about? Paper cups are really no different to their glass counterparts, if anything they are more user-friendly, lighter and less likely to cause injury if you drop them. Of course if you want a wedding reception that's a bit different, a little bit less formal, then plastic cups would be ideal, you could even make them decorative with pictures of the bride and groom. Additionally, if a paralytic distant relative stumbles into your arrangement, the only thing all over the floor and down the drain is cheap plonk, not a thousand pounds worth of champagne glasses!

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