Monday, June 6, 2011

Compton Woodhouse Continues Long Tradition of Producing Top Quality Figurines

Founded from a fusion of the design expertise of Elisabeth Woodhouse and the industry experience of Mike Compton, Compton and Woodhouse began selling collectable figurines in 1985. The company went on to become the UK’s premier mail order retailer of collectables, now selling not only figurines but many other collectables to customers around the globe as an online company.

Figurines are loved by so many due to their beauty and unique charm. Some people buy figurines that remind them of something in their own lives or to commemorate events, while others simply buy them to collect them. Whatever the reason, it looks as though figurines will always be popular. Although Elisabeth Woodhouse is no longer at the company there are many well known designers creating figurines exclusively for Compton and Woodhouse, such as David Lyttleton and Carolyn Morton, who was commissioned to create Catherine: The Royal Bride figurine.

As there was so much demand, the company branched out to sell other collectables, some years after it was founded, and continues to do so today. These include crystal and glassware as well as many popular china items. Royal collectables have always been popular among collectors and there are a large number available as part of Compton and Woodhouse’s catalogue by brands including Wedgwood and Royal Staffordshire. Such items are now among the most popular collectables
available at Compton & Woodhouse.

As Compton & Woodhouse are a mail order company, they have options to pay for many items in instalments as well as offering a money back guarantee. This appeals to many modern consumers as it is not always easy to tell how something will look just from a picture of it.

As a well respected company, it is expected that Compton & Woodhouse will continue to grow in popularity, being many collector’s first choice for souvenirs and memorabilia.

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