Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thinking Of Business ?

Am I addicted or am I just dreaming... LOL! Two days ago I am planning to have a small business of selling some stuff with my friends around here but the thing is that my mind is full! I am busy collection post cards around the globe and buying some post cards to send back to them.

Aside from that , I tried to calculate WHAT it could be if I will start my little biz. It is not a business. It is just a kind of outlet where I can just check out myself more. Checking and will try to evaluate my capacity to decide and to manage!

In need of inspiration, sometimes I think about looking into online business programs to see what other entrepreneurs have done in the past. I found some affordable programs at Guide to Online Schools.

Well, will see what that could be or maybe just a fantasy at this moment in time! Well, have a wonderful day everyone! Keep safe always!

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Conversion Doctor said...

You can start one if you really want to. Besides, it's only a small business as an evaluation for you. Why not go for it? If you are dreaming about it, then at least make it come to realize.