Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blackberry Come With Me!

Currently I have my Sony ericson mobile phone. So far so good but I always complain with the battery. The battery don't last long as I expected. My phone is just one year old and as long as I can I want to keep it. But the other day a friend of mine buzz me via yahoo messenger and she asked me if my phone is blackberry because she want's to try sending application to me. Sorry to say but I don't have that phone.

Blackberry is one of my wish phone since before but every time I check on the prices it is quite expensive. But I did not gave up until today I check once again and I cannot believe on what I found it is now very cheap and affordable. Actually there are different cellulaires brand, model that I can choose on. So glad that I found the page online and now I am checking more. I can have one! Hooray!

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