Friday, September 9, 2011

Solar Powered Battery Charger For My Ipad?

For all you know guys, I am really in love with Ipad2. I am so obsessed as we might say but you know , it cost a bit. I used to drop by in mall almost everyday and check it there. I am like crazy stalker with ipad. It looks so so cute , portable , perfect and useful. My friends told me to save some money for that. For now, I am wishing to have that Ipad on my birthday next year. I must have to save and buy one for me.

I am planning to bring that Ipad when traveling. I need to have portable notebook or ipad with me. So, how I wish I can really have ipad2 this year or early next year! The next thing I am thinking is to buy accessories that will help my ipad keep working wherever I am. I want to buy solar powered battery charger. Having full charged battery is very important. The purpose is not only for my Ipad but for my camera also. So this could be perfect.

I know that using solar power is really effective. We had tried it here at home. We have solar lights outside and during the day it is charging and effective. So I really hope that I can buy ipad2 and use solar charger as a back-up.

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