Monday, March 5, 2012

Avoid messy on saving files online, get help from clipix

Being online everyday gives a lot of discoveries.  Exploring is a never ending venture. I am so glad that by surfing tonight I found out more about clipix. I am a clipix user already! But upon surfing more on it , I found much more cool stuffs that you can do. Aside from saving and naming all your desires clip you can share it to your friends too. It  allows you to maintain customized privacy settings so you can organize your online life and share only with people you want to grant access to your clipboards. You have the control, share it to the public or leave it private. So you can choose freely.

You can see how your friends organize their things online. You can check more online stores that you can immediately add stuffs that you like in your clipix account. Cool and fun I might say! If you are not a clipix user , I encourage you to join. Just create your own account by just visiting and you will be amazed this online tool for organizing your stuffs and alike.

Another way, if you are wondering and want to learn more about clipix, watch . This is the easiest way or overview by this organizer. I did it too before I started using this great clipix. Once you are in then fun benign of organizing you stuff. As you can see picture has shown here, that is one of my clips sample. So easy!  Get the chance to join now it is totally FREE!

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genny said...

have an account already and I am enjoying it...clipix really helps me in organizing my files online.:-)

Claire said...

looks like a great way to organize stuffs online:)