Saturday, March 3, 2012

A surprise for him on his birthday!

My dads birthday is coming by next month. I want to surprise him by something that he do not know. He doesn't used to celebrate his day but this time I want him to be surprised. I am planning to buy him a set of perfume and shirts. He loves perfume an opposite for me. I do not love perfume I feel dizzy when I smelled strong perfume but not for my dad , perfume is what he likes!

It is smart to start searching now, I want to order it online and let it delivered to him . A good friend of mine give a preference online where free shipping coupons is waiting. Shipping costs a lot so having this free coupons help my budget very much! Aside from the free shipping coupons , I found some more additional discount coupons too! So my plan will sure become true for my dearest father! Hope he will gonna appreciate my effort of giving him some surprises on his birthday!

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