Tuesday, April 10, 2012

No More Tears

I read a story of a mom of a baby girl that was really upset because the legs of her cute baby got bed bugs bite. She said that they are moving into a new place just before she gave birth, but unexpected things happened that they were not able to move. At three months, the young mother saw the leg of her baby girl reddish with bed bugs bite and that is the reason why her baby is always crying.

They will be moving to another place in a week or two before anything serious could happen to the baby girl. The baby got an allergic reaction so they really have to moved out. The hospital advised her to call on the company like Exterminator NYC to check their new place so that the baby will not get seriously ill.

Every mom wants the best for their baby. So in spite of the high rent in the new place, she will do so for the sake of her previous little girl.

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