Monday, April 16, 2012

Saving the best for last!

Just home from the gym today and my gym mate and I we're talking about saving. She want to find a job that will give her enough money to buy her wants and to support her child specially! We we're thinking of saving and earning! Same way as me, I just hope to find a regular job as soon as possible, currently I am just working as a practicant! I earn a bit but to have a regular job is the best way to save and earn at the same way! Right?

So, for the meantime! Ishould away from buying stuff that are not that important. This way I can save a bit from my daily allowance. Anyway, I just hope that my friend can find job soon and that she can start her savings too! Save the best for last, save as long as you can. Every coin counts! Well, before the night ends I am reading some article about home refinance options to get some tips and facts about refinancing!

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