Saturday, July 7, 2012

Friday night and my tomato

What to do during Friday night? For me this is my favorite day of the week. Work is done and the following day is Saturday. I can totally relax at home! Some of my friends are out and have some drinks but I’d rather have to stay at home and be with my family.

Well, tonight got time to transfer my tomato plant from a small pot to a bigger one. It’s growing so fast and I am excited to see the fruit of it. This tomato is from Spain and this is my 1st time to take care a foreign tomato. And cutting out flowers and put in a base.. as you can see on picture.


anne lei said...

i would like to start planting too but I have no space for the meantime.

promding chamimay said...

keeping a garden is in my bucketlist for this year too! so far i had basil... but it's getting lonely already... :D