Sunday, July 29, 2012

Shelving Might Help!

I met one of my friend who just transferred to a condo unit yesterday in the gathering. She invited me to visit her new abode not far from where I live. Nice to know that finally they have found a place that near to her job. That is what she is praying for. In her busy schedules she don’t really have time to go in the mall and roam around and find stuffs she needed at home. She is working in an hospital so I can understand. She is in need of shelves for her things. I told her that you might find one online. You don’t need to go in the mall just order online and you can have it delivered to you. I recommended to check on Gondola Shelves as this fits her needs very well. I am pretty sure that she can get one there. They have different style, sizes and designs for shelves it depends on the need!

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Paula said...

Thanks for the tips. We are so disorganized. Maybe this could help.