Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Class rings for your love ones

When the graduation was approaching that time, I was in college. Everyone seemed busy for preparing for the upcoming big event, which is the graduation day. One of the main was issue was college ring. I didn’t have so fancy one. Simple is enough the most important is I finished my study and I passed all the challenges on my college. Well, it doesn’t ended up there. But I heard that profession ring is your right hand supporter and the wedding ring is your partner. I don’t really exactly realized these thing if it’s true but kind of. 

However, I quite noticed that most militaries wear huge ring. A ring is a great symbol and has a huge value to what you have undergone in your life. And I don’t wonder everyone deserves to have one. My brother was very glad to receive a military class rings. He was very pleased to have it!

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