Saturday, September 15, 2012

Portable table a solution to their irritation

My brother and his wife have been renovating their house. They also want to change some old furniture including tables. Since, his partner likes to read newspapers, magazines and other reading materials. Sometimes it irritates her to see those reading materials spreading in every corner in their house. It just looks messy everywhere in the house. Whenever she go to their bathroom, She could find newspapers, in their hallway there is newspapers, in the kitchen newspapers, in the living room newspapers, at dining room newspapers. Their house is full of newspapers and other types of reading materials.

Therefore, she wanted to have a small solution to this. She have been looking table or tables where he could use it on his reading. Probably a portable one would do. Luckily, She found portable tables by SOLO upon browsing on the internet. They have different types of portable tables where you could choose. She love the café solo portable table. The one with glass on the top and under you can put something. She is sure this is what She is looking for him. Her husband can have his drinks while reading his newspaper and he can take this wherever he went inside the house and outside too.

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