Friday, October 5, 2012

Bought Two Need Bed Sheets

I was in the mall most of the time this week after work. It is nice to be back, LOL! I've been not into malling for almost three weeks. I missed being around at the center. Well, I bought two need bed sheets. Now they are ready to use. It's is good to buy new stuff that are useful and specially for home use right?

I bought peach color and light violet. I think they are cute and cool. In fact, I want to choose some more colors but there are no more options. I am satisfied with what I've got and they can be use properly. Anyway, I did not got any chance to take picture of it because I was busy with some other errands last night. So , I just unpacked it and washed (I have my expert washer at home) so it is easy and fine!

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