Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Haters Without Basis

Through the achievements his company and business dealings, joe francis have already a well-established life. The truth is, he has not tried to get re-married after his last attempt of entering marriage with the famous joe francis girlfriend named Christina McLarty. Each of them had a civil wedding at Punta Mita, Mexico couple of years ago though the marriage only lasted for approximately seven weeks. The lavish life he's now is probably everything he's always dreamt of and settling down to have kids to increase is not yet in their plans as of today. The house, the business, the estates, the cars, friends are what keeps marketing ebay tycoon in a happy disposition which is seemingly satisfied along the way his our life is going on at this time. 

He has the organization of his good friends while his family constantly remains their communication with him. Being lonely is at the base of his list while using good life and blessed man that he's. Haters may be around him wanting to piss him off but putting effort and time to take notice of these are the least of his numerous priorities. His lifestyle doesn't have any room to hate haters back. Beauty of Joe Francis is that there exists so much fun in every day of his life to even hate. Even just in his appearance on Mario Lopez’s Television show, “H8R”, his aloofness to hate radiated and showed. I believe through that episode from the reality show, people could have had a good glimpse of what the real Joe Francis really is. Even his biggest hater who he faced about the said Tv program concluded the get-to-know-Joe-Francis day by admitting and expressing she will no longer hates him once you have to know him a lot more.

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