Sunday, October 28, 2012

Making Dreams a Reality

I could still remember what it was like when I was still chasing the Fairy Hobmother several months back. I painstakingly followed him in almost all blogs who have displayed his kindness in granting other blogger’s wish. And as they graciously recounted their actual encounter with him, I became more interested and was already longing for him to pay me a visit so he can make my wish come true. Knowing that there are so many bloggers out there already who benefited from his generosity.
I believe that no one amongst us don’t like our wish to become a reality. And just a few days back, I could not believe it when Fairy Hobmother made a surprise visit and asked me what I am wishing for. Even for a second, I didn’t hesitate letting him know about my wish and he also didn’t show uncertainty in granting me a remarkable present. Perhaps, that’s his way of spreading joy and happiness.

So, if you are one of those who have been looking for him, this is your chance now, leave a comment on this blog, who knows you will be the next lucky blogger. Because that’s what I did before too, I leave footprints so he will notice my presence and followed him on Twitter as well.

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