Sunday, November 4, 2012

Keeping Yourself Awake

In as much as you want to have a good night sleep, work just keep on piling up and you would be left with no choice but to keep your eyes wide open. 

Lack of sleep is truly not good for your health but sometimes you need to sacrifice because you are beating deadlines. If it is really a need to stay awake, here are some tips on how to stay up for longer hours.

 Having a cup of coffee is of great help. It contains caffeine that is known to alert a person. That’s why it is commonly being served in wakes and some other overnight events. 

If you’re not fond of coffee, eating something can do some magic or maybe drink anything like juice or sod. Just don’t drink milk because its effect is opposite of that in coffee. If you think turning on the music player can keep you up then do it. It can be an effective way of distracting sleep.

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