Monday, November 19, 2012

Shoe racks anyone?

I have been looking forward to buy a set of shoe rack but still did not find time to go to the mall and check. I want a shoe rack with style. I want a unique one if possible, so since I still have time to check on it so I tried my friend online Mr. google, and I found a lot of different styles but I am more interested with these photos below.  If I can order the same style I will do. They are cute and unique indeed!

If you have shoe rack at home, I am pretty sure you will have to think of buying same style as here. Shoe racks are easy to find but if you want to have a bit classy then you need time to find them. So it is better to try searching online for a possible designs right?

What do you think of these styles? Do you agree with me? They are nice right? Your comments are welcome for me to choose the best one!

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corner wine cabinet said...

Love the first one! It's quite impressive.