Sunday, January 6, 2013

Just home!

Just home from friends meeting. It was fun, we had much food and one of our friend has a son who is very 'bibo' I mean funny. He will turn two this year, he cannot speak well but have a lot of action in him. I had fun eating and playing with that cute boy. 

It is very seldom that me and my friends go and meet each other. All are busy with families and work. So good that this time we gave time to really see each other after months of not seeing each other. As the host said hoping for another meeting again, don't know when but if we can find time why not. Good to be together eating the same likes for food and talking in the same language. 

Anyway, after our lunch my stomach did not cooperate. I felt wicked and have to lay down on their sofa  a bit. Just need a little pause , looking with lots of different food and dessert make me more exciting. LOL... That's why my stomach cannot handle it at once.

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