Monday, March 18, 2013

How to clean your own room!

It is always good to have a clean and neat room. If you guys are looking for a tips for room cleaning then you are in the right page now, this is on my own idea. So here we go! Get ready and clean your room right away!

1.) To help you motivate, turn on your favorite music and play it while you are starting to clean your area.

 2.) Then, plan first where to place every stuff in your room. Make sure that everything will still be in place.

3.) Gather all the papers in your room, check them one by one and throw those are not important and put in folder or plastic for those needed still.

4.) If you have CD's make a sort in it and filed it properly. According to artist or it depends on you.

5.) Don't make so stress in cleaning so that the results will be perfect.

6.) If you cannot make it in one day, try to plan ahead of time or start it earlier so that you can still use your room at the end of the day.

7.) After cleaning, you can spray air freshener if you are not allergic into it.

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