Thursday, June 20, 2013

6 Things to Think About When Building Your Dream Home

You've finally accumulated all the resources you need to build your dream home. You even have it all planned out already! An Olympic-sized pool, a home movie theater, and a massive back yard for your daughter and her 10 ponies. But, have you prepared yourself for the small details that can turn into deal-breakers? Here are a couple of tips you should follow when building a new home.

Planning ahead in life

Before even building a home, you need to take your present and future life into consideration; this will make the other steps a lot easier. Do you plan on staying in this home for the rest of your life? Do you plan on raising children in this home (your own or even grandchildren)? Is there where you plan on spending your days of retirement? Answering these types of life questions will help you map out your home. It'll help you choose the number of rooms you need, whether you want stairs in your home or not, and many other factors you may not have thought of before hand. Home is where the heart is, so you'll want to make sure every heart in your home is happy.

Space planning

Assuming you've made a decision on how many rooms to have in the home, you'll want to provide ample storage to accommodate the number of people and the amount of stuff you've generated (or will generate) over the years. Each bedroom should have a storage closet. Make sure you pay close attention where each closet is placed. Take into consideration having guests over. Will you need a storage closet for coats and jackets during the cold months? What about a mudroom for shoes so people don't track dirt around your home? The key to all of this is balance; you want to have enough storage for everyone, but not too much to where your space is going to waste.

Spare rooms

These rooms are typically transformed into a play/game room, personal gym, or some other type of recreational room. The most important thing about having a room like this is to make sure it gets used. Otherwise, you're just wasting space. Soon enough, it'll just become another place to dump your unwanted or unused objects. Don't let this happen to you. A good way to prevent this from happening is to make this room an easy room to transform. Don't make anything permanent until you know it is a room that will be fully utilized.

Laundry room

Lots of people dream of the idea of having a laundry room that's far away from the rest of the home. However, they don't realize how inconvenient it is until it is too late. Make sure you put a good amount of thought into this. Do you want your laundry room in the basement? Are you ready to haul your family's laundry up and down the stairs during the week? Don't let yourself get caught with poor laundry room planning.

HVAC system

A lot can go wrong with poor HVAC planning. You can end up with moisture problems, which can then become mold problems, which ultimately become health concerns. Don't get caught unprepared. Additionally, make sure the size and power of your unit is right for your home. A weak unit for a large home will make you miserable, whereas a powerful unit for a small home can lead to wasted energy.

Home security

Don't let all of your hard work go to waste. Protect your new home with a solid home security system. I've had a Humble home security system and a Grapevine home security system installed in the homes I've planned. Make plans to protect your family and assets from the worst. A good home security system can protect you from intruders and other events, such as fires or weather disasters. A good home is a safe home.

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