Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Finally here is my birthday flower

Yehey! Glad that finally got an orchid for my birthday! God is really good, I have been wishing to buy an orchid and will try to manage it at home but because it is too much expensive I refrain from buying one. So without knowing that this year of my birthday I can have a gift card from one of my sister in-laws and she gave me a card to buy flower. So without any hesitation, I decided to have an orchid for the first time. So last Saturday I was in the flower shop to claim my gift and luckily they have sale also with these orchid. So what a lucky day for me. Her card was exactly the amount of this one. Mostly this cost too much but that day got this for sale. So here is the nice violet orchid. I hope this will last longer. Hope that I can manage to take care of this perfectly.

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