Thursday, June 20, 2013

Freshen Up Your Kitchen With These Tips

Your kitchen is a place you spend a deceiving amount of time in. It is where meals are prepared and where people often gather when invited to a house party. Food is one of the ways that we show each other that we care. Why not update your kitchen to fit your style? It can really make the house feel younger when you have a kitchen that isn't outdated.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Do you have an old, white fridge that is starting to discolor after many years of use? No matter how much you clean it, it looks used and worn. What about your stove? Old stoves can be very unsightly and might not cook evenly. Upgrading your major appliances is the first step to making your kitchen look a whole lot better. You may not have the budget to replace every appliance at once, but that doesn't mean you have to wait. Plan out what you want you kitchen to look like. Are you going with the stainless steel look? Or all black appliances? Keep that in mind and start doing research. Look up reviews on the appliance you wish to buy first and make sure you buy not just for looks, but for quality.

Redo Your Counters

Your counters are what you deal with everyday. You have to look at them if you like it or not. Why not get fresh counters with the look you have always wanted? It may seem like a hassle, but it can really transform your kitchen into a place that you love to be in. Ask your friends and family if you know a good contractor or company that has done their counters. Look up reviews and go with a good, quality company. Ask for samples of counters that you like the most so you can look at them in your kitchen. The lighting and color of you cabinets makes all the difference, so a sample of your favorite is a must.

Keep Watch Over The Family

You spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and it can be hard to keep track of the kids while you are cooking. If you have Hurst home security, companies like Smith Monitoring can help you keep an eye on the kids while you are in the kitchen. Surveillance cameras can be placed in common places in your home, and you can watch live feeds from your smart tablet. Buy a tablet stand and keep it near where you cook. You will be able to watch over the kids while you are in the kitchen with ease, and feel better knowing they can't get into trouble while you are preparing their food.
There are plenty of ways to keep your kitchen looking fantastic. Always clean up and put away whatever you can. Clutter can really bring down the look of your kitchen. Consider installing new lighting that you can turn on as mood lighting when you are not cooking. The ideas are endless, you just have to actually do it!

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