Sunday, June 23, 2013

The longest day of the year is today!

Today is consider as the longest day light of the year here in Norway. This is the day that people will celebrate outdoor and make a fire somewhere and have some fun. The day that they consider as really the start of summer time. Quite exciting for those first timer, for me this is my 3rd year of being here in Norway so this is not new at all. 

But I still did not experience going out and have some party outdoor. For Norwegian this is called 'Sankthansaften'. Got one picture through google search for you to have idea. This picture shows about making some fire out of woods and teens usually enjoyed this one. It is the sign of welcoming the light of summer. If you will know Norway has a very short summer so when summer comes everyone is happy.
Note: This picture is not mine, just got this from google pictures.

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