Saturday, August 24, 2013

Finally build a little store!

I am totally happy that finally my mom's wish has become real. I remember so well, my mom wanted to have her little store years ago. If I remember right since when I was 10 years old she really wish to have her little store. So since that time we don't have much extra money to finance so she did not pursue/push it. Indeed my mom waited for many years before she can able to have her dream in real. 

So last Tuesday was the opening of her 'sari-sari store' it has with different stuffs. So now, she is happy that finally it is open and she really loves to sell. I called up her yesterday and I can feel the happiness in her. I am satisfied that in my little way of helping her it makes her life totally happy too. So I just hope that her store will progress and will last longer.God will bless your little business.

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