Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Could be an early Santa Shopping from Lazada Philippines

It's a wonderful day today and I hope it is the same from your corner of the world. Since September started, I’ve been thinking about you every day because I know you are now starting to make the list for Christmas. And you are out there checking on the people who are doing good, naughty, and nice. I would like to tell you that I have been good all the time and I promised that I will always be until Christmas and the many more years to come. I am sure you will always be happy about that. Because I am good then I am sure you will help me make my wish come true. 

But before I will whisper to you each of my wishes, I want you to check out one of the shopping centers online, the Lazada Philippines. When my friends shared to me the beautiful things they bought at Lazada, the first thing that came to my mind is you my dear, Santa. Lazada have all the stuff that we can find in many shopping malls throughout the world. So better visit it and do your shopping there! Now come closer dear Santa, and let me whisper to you my wishes. I have a long list of wishes but let I want you to help me with my top two. 

First is, I want to spend Christmas with my family so I hope that I will be approved of a leave, and second one is, I want you to help shop gifts for each of my family. I’ve been told of the great fashion finds for Christmas at Lazada. When I checked it out, it has the shoes and bag my sister is longing for a month now and the nice casual blouse for my mom and a fashionable men watch for my father. Oh dear Santa, I have more in my list here, but for the sake of my family, I wish for them first. I wish you the best of health always, dear Santa!

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