Saturday, October 26, 2013

House Renovation!

Last October 15, 2013 with a very strong magnitude of 7.2 strikes in my home town. In the Island of Bohol and Cebu that scary earthquake strikes and brings so much pain for the people. Many were affected lost their homes and even lost their loved ones. Missing food and water for how many days and still experiencing traumas and sleepness nights until now. 

My family are one of those affected families in this trials. And until now the aftershocks is still attacking from time to time. It is now almost two weeks since they experienced that moment. I cannot imagine and I am still worried and sad with what had happened. And hoping much that it will end soon.

Our home has some cracks somewhere in the kitchen area and until now, they are not sleeping inside the house as it is not safe to do so. They are sleeping outside and prepare to run in case of another strong earthquakes comes again. Their we're engineers who came along and checked houses that we're damaged. As per advice, that damage part in our house must be repair. 

I told mom that they can just do the planning right after those aftershocks will clearly stopped. So this could be a big job. BUT above all, despite of what they had experienced I am thankful to our almighty GOD that he protects my family against that strong earthquake. I thank God that nobody were hurts among them. Things can be replaced anytime. 

My prayers and hope that our place will be back to normal very soon.

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