Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December is here!

Time flies YES! Now we are approaching the Christmas day. are you guys ready for your lists? List for gifts to give and to receive? Well, I still did not do it at all. I had a plan to do it this week but suddenly got a job schedule to will set aside that one and maybe do it rather this coming weekend. I am pretty sure this will be a long list, but for me it doesn't give any problem as long as I can manage to handle it one by one. So will see if I can start my buying next week.

I am also looking forward for a vacation, tired indeed of working day by day. Not complaining but I need some pause from work. But wait, one of my wish this Christmas is granted! I already bought this Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and ready to use. Just that I am still busy though. So atleast this gadget is home. Anytime can check on and learn more about apps.

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