Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A new home with swimming pool!

Just a call from a friend of mine two days ago. Telling me all the way that they are going to buy a house with a swimming pool inside. Cool? I asked her if I can see the pictures online and yes she gave me the link and all I can say is the word WOW! A really big house with indeed swimming pool inside. The cost millions of course but good enough for my friend and her family. She has 6 children and good enough for them to have a big space. 

Swimming pool inside is really good if you have kids. They can enjoy their swimming inside and specially if you are living in a country which winter really is cold. So keeping inside during winter time and doing indoor activities really helps. Swimming is a good training for the body. 

So after their visit yesterday, she told me that her husband is now talking to the bank for the arrangement. In other way around a bit sad because she will transfer to other place which is a bit far from here. It's about an hour driving. But in other way around good for them to have big space. 

Wishing them luck for their house hunting and looking forward to visit to their new abode soon.

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