Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cheap Radio!

Radio is one of the most important gadgets at home. This is where you can hear updates for important happenings around the world. This will give you entertainment by hearing on. Radio is one of those appliances that was damaged during that 7.2 magnitude earthquake that landed in our place in Philippines last October 15, 2013. 

We had simple radio as my family loves to follow drama series on radio and listen to news updates specially at night in their relaxing time. So when that earthquake strikes our old radio was damaged then. My mom waited for a month before buying a new cheap one. She bought one with battery operated as that time after the earthquake there were no electricity for almost two months. So radio that operates with battery is the most working that time. So for now my mom has that still. So good for her! 

Anyway, that earthquake really rocks on my houses and families, but still thank's GOD that everything we're fine. Things or gadgets are just material thing, what matters most is that they are all fine after that tragic strong earthquake.

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