Monday, January 20, 2014

Got new flat screen LG TV!

Yahooo.... finally my family down there got a new flat screen TV. If you are aware of what had happened to Philippines months ago somewhere in Visayas Region that there was a strong earthquake and it destroys almost everything inside our house. One of those appliances that was damaged was our old TV. So since I know how boring is without any TV at home, I decided to gave them LG 24 inches flat screen TV. They all were so happy. Plus, they have now cable! My mom, told me that there is no much channel on if there will be no cable connected. 

I remembered before that there was only 1 or 2 channel that can be seen from a normal antenna. So, I do agree with my mom to have cable at home for them to have total entertainment. So after Christmas they got this LG. And as she describes it gives perfect and clear screen to them. 

I am happy on my behalf that in a simple ways I gave them the entertainment that most family wants to have in home. So for now, they are enjoying LG with cable and they were able to watch 17 or more channels. 

They can choose in which channel they want to watch and with clear pictures on it. I hope this LG will last longer! Enjoy watching guys!

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